Company Profile

BI&L Collections Pte Ltd was formed in March 2012. It was an identity transition from another company- BI&L Pte Ltd which was set up in 2005 with showroom located along Leng Kee Road solely dealing with design and manufacture of modular kitchen and wardrobe system. It was a strategic decision made to rebrand the company and its identity in order to establish a more diverse and dynamic profile. By Carrying the word “Collections” justify the concept of operating different businesses that relates to each other and practically function as one.

With above concept being developed, BI&L | Collections trademarked its modular kitchenand wardrobe system, officially creating 2 main separate brands- BI&L | Kitchen® and BI&L | Wardrobe® under its umbrella of brands including BI&L | Workshop which is responsible for fabrication and installation works for all BI&L’s cabinetry and system production. In Addition, BI&L | Collections also manage BI&L | Retail- a retail store that retails and distributes several




well-known Scandinavian and European branded furnishing items, kitchen utensils and lifestyle accessories and now it is available on-line (Visit to find out more). And our new launched concept brand- BI&L |{f}Line retailing in-house designed and locally produced line of patented stainless steel and wooden furniture.

 BI&L Kitchen and BI&L Wardrobe are still the main business brands of the company, many new ideals and innovations were and are still constantly being conceptualised and developed, enhancing usage of facility by introducing innovative and practical designs including integration of many advance hard wearing efficient hardware and mechanism that generate interest thus creating a cabinetry system which surpasses all common standard and practices in the current industry.” – Mei Ferng, Sales Director of BI&L Collections Pte Ltd